• Sales Tax Outsourcing
    Done Right

    Our experienced practitioners act as your in-house sale tax manager,
    providing expertise, accountability and unmatched client satisfaction.

  • The TaxConnex Practitioner Difference

    Experienced professionals, committed to your sales tax success.
    Delivering unmatched client satisfaction.

  • Sales Tax Nexus
    Problems Solved

    We provide outsourcing and consulting for small and mid-sized businesses
    With multi-jurisdictional clients in Telecom, Technology, Retail,
    eCommerce and more -

  • Telecom and
    VoIP Tax Solutions

    Extensive telecom and VoIP tax expertise
    for established and start-up service providers.

5 Steps to Sales Tax Compliance Identify Nexus Issues. Download our Nexus Questionnaire. TaxConnex\u002DSales\u002DTax\u002DSwitch VoIP Tax.  Telecom Tax.

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TaxConnex - Your Outsourced Sales Tax Department

Sales Tax Outsourcing

Our Practitioners act as your off-premise sales tax manager. Full service, including treasury functions.

> Sales Tax Outsourcing

Sales Tax Consulting

Our experienced consultants help with your unique issues.

> Sales Tax Consulting

Telecom and VoIP Tax

TaxConnex offers telecom specific expertise for start-ups and experienced providers.

>Telecom and VoIP Tax

Sales Tax Nexus

Do you have sales tax nexus? Check with our Sales Tax Nexus Questionnaire.

Nexus Questionnaire

Is your business in compliance?

Common business activities may have changed your sales tax nexus. Learn more

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Telecom Tax

Telecom and VoIP tax compliance
can be daunting. Along with local,
state and federal filing, comes
numerous and complex
calculations. We can help.

> Telecom and VoIP Tax

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Sales Tax Nexus

Have your business activities
created sales tax nexus
Common business activities
can create a sales and use tax

> Sales Tax Nexus
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